We understand Mexico like no one else in Washington, DC. We have solid relationships with elected officials at the local, state, and federal level throughout the country.

We provide access to key players in the private and public sectors.

 We are uniquely positioned to assist subnational governments overseas.

Our understating of Mexican politics helps our clients with key business decisions.

Global Nexus, LLC is an advisory firm that helps clients advance their business interests in Latin America. We focus on understanding regulatory and legislative resolutions in complex political environments. Our services include: government and public affairs, political risk analysis and diplomacy for Subnational governments.

What We Do

Government & Public Affairs

We educate public officials and key stakeholders on our clients’ business interests. We analyze regulatory and legislative resolutions and disseminate the politics behind government decisions.

Diplomacy for Subnational Governments

We build opportunities for Governors and Mayors with international stakeholders. Our focus is to build international partnerships to strengthen local economies and remain relevant in the international scene.

Travel and Tourism

Our unique Government Relations practice helps tourism stakeholders including – hotels, car rentals, airlines, tourism boards, tour operators, cruise lines – understand and navigate the complexities of government regulations, legislation, PR and tourism promotion challenges.


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Ruben Olmos
President & CEO

Phone: +1-202-378-6747






Miren Berganza
Vice President, Head of Mexico Office

Phone: +52 (55) 1948 8343