Global Nexus is a boutique government and public affairs firm providing strategic advice for International Companies and Subnational Goverments that want to create and develop lasting relationships with global decision makers.

We help governments and companies understand how their objectives fit within the broader global context and help them set achievable goals.

Experience working in the Executive, Legislative, International Organizations, and in the business sector gives us the ability to offer superior strategic advice and planning.

Global Nexus, LLC is an international advisory firm that specializes in government and public affairs, political analysis, communications strategies and business development.

With offices in Washington, DC and Mexico City, we provide bottom line results to our clients who want to leverage our experience and expertise from having operated at the nexus of U.S.-Latin American investment, politics and diplomacy, both in the public and private sectors, on transactions and in policy formulation and implementation.

“Our understating of politics helps our clients with key business decisions internationally”

Government and Public Affairs


We help our clients understand and address policies debated in the United States.

Public Policy and Political Analysis

Our team provides insights and forecasting as to how political developments move markets.

Legislative Monitoring

We provide timely information to our clients in a changing political or policy landscape.

Strategic Counsel and Communication

Experience working in the Executive, Legislative and business sector gives us the ability to offer superior strategic advice and planning.

Economic Development

Whether they are governments or companies, we assist our clients effectively to implement their trade development programs.

Public Relations

Global Nexus conveys appropriate messages to opinion leaders, government officials, the business community and the public.

“Politically, we have established relationships with elected officials at the local, state, and federal level”

International Representation of Subnational Governments

  • High-level trade and diplomatic missions to Washington, D.C., New York, NY, Miami and major capitals in Europe and Latin America.
  • Economic and tourism promotion strategies, including agenda setting at world tourism events and at other trade and commercial gatherings.
  • Building formal relations with other subnational governments, multilateral bodies and other key international stakeholders.
  • Signing agreements and treaties and helping to obtain international awards.
  • Establishing best practices on international relations for subnational governments.

“We provide access to key players in Latin America with credibility”


Tianguis turístico 2018

➡️ Esta semana se lleva a cabo el Tianguis Turístico en Mazatlán, un gran evento no solo para hacer negocios, también se han sentado temas como las alertas de viaje y la imagen de México en el exterior. ➡️ Estados Unidos, Inglaterra y Francia atacan a Siria; Rusia amenaza a USA que habría consecuencias.

Posted by Zona Pública on Monday, April 16, 2018

Rubén Olmos en el Tianguis Turístico 2018 en Mazatlán

Rubén Olmos está en Mazatlan Tianguis Turistico 2018 esta semana para hablar con Asetur México sobre la agenda bilateral turística con EUA, el nuevo sistema de alertas de viaje y la imagen de México en el...

Repercusión del discurso de EPN

➡️ El discurso de la semana pasada de Enrique Peña Nieto a Donald J. Trump hizo la coyuntura más adversa entre ambos países. ➡️ El Washington Post criticó a #AMLO, señalando los riesgos que pudiera tener con la relación a USA. Comparte. 📲

Posted by Zona Pública on Monday, April 9, 2018

Rubén Olmos talks to Zona Pública about EPN’s message to Trump

Esta semana Rubén Olmos habló con Zona Pública TV sobre el mensaje de Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto a Donald Trump de la semana pasada y la reacción en Washington. "Por primera vez en muchos años se ha...

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