Diana Juárez

Media and Political Advisor

On the basis of her wide experience in newspapers, digital magazines and organizational communication, Diana Juarez is a media expert who uses her broad expertise to advise clients from the public and private sector. Furthermore, she is charge of Global Nexus’ communicational strategies.

In her previous experience, she was the editor for an important digital newspaper focused on politics. Therefore, Ms. Juarez is well informed and understands what to say, how to say it and where to publish the information to ensure its greatest impact. She understands how to navigate the political and media environment.

Ms. Juarez has also developed social media strategies for political figures, newspapers and companies. Diana helps us to understand the digital atmosphere and to design strategies to have presence in social media and connect with our current and future followers.

Diana holds a Master’s degree on Strategic Communications in the Iberoamerican University and is currently studying a PhD in Political Communication at the same college. Her researches focuses on the relation between emotions and social media.

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