Alejandro Quintero

Senior Business Development Advisor

Alejandro Quintero has been a passionate business development consultant, advising clients from both the private and public sectors in their growth and/or expansion strategy into new markets within Latin America (LATAM) and the U.S.

True to his vocation and background, Alejandro chose to return to LATAM after completing his undergraduate studies in the U.S. and dedicate his time to assist various international and local companies in their incursion and/or expansion process within the LATAM and US market.  

During the last +15 years, Alejandro has been fortunate to interact with various companies and industries in this endeavor within the Americas. Ranging from oil/gas enterprises such as Schlumberger to IT conglomerates like Oracle. Still, his passion also includes assisting small and medium size companies in the consumer goods, manufacturing and professional services arena. He is a true believer in a joint collaboration between global expertise and regional know-how.

Alejandro also believes in the benefits and synergies achieved by private-public joint collaboration. He joined the first Colombian country brand program, called Proexport Marca País, under the umbrella of the Minister of Commerce/Tourism and Colombia´s first lady. Local companies support this join effort applying the program´s country brand strategy within their organizations, external communications and finished goods/services. The program has evolved in the last decade into today’s ProColombia Marca País program, improving significantly the country´s image and attracting tourism and investment to the region.  

Alejandro has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering plus a minor in Economics from Lehigh University (PA, US). Also, a specialization in marketing from Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA) in Bogotá, Colombia.  

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