International Representation of Subnational Governments

There is a new concept in international relations called paradiplomacy, the external relations of subnational governments. Aware of their economic and political potential and faced with multiple bureaucratic barriers in national capitals, mayors and governors have taken significant steps towards exercising their political and economic influence globally.

Our practice assists cities and states as they create and manage their own diplomatic networks in Washington, D.C. and in other key world capitals, protecting and advancing their specific interests.

We have a strategic alliance with Global Governments LLC to cater Latin American Subnational Governments.


Diplomatic Missions

High-level trade and diplomatic missions to Washington, D.C., New York, NY, Miami and major capitals in Europe and Latin America. 



Promotion Strategies

Economic and tourism promotion strategies, including agenda setting at world tourism events and at other trade and commercial gatherings. 

Government Relations

Building formal relations with other subnational governments, multilateral bodies and other key international stakeholders. 


Signing agreements and treaties and helping to obtain international awards.

Best Practicies

Establishing best practices on international relations for subnational governments.

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