Government and Public Affairs


We assist clients by providing government and public affairs services between U.S. and Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America. Our robust network reaches the highest levels within senior government, business and nongovernment stakeholders.

We help Fortune 500 companies with their government relations needs, including, access to strategic players, policy implementation, analysis of the political and economic environment, solving operational needs with state governments and develop new business opportunities.

Our Washington, DC office caters foreign interests who need to understand and navigate the U.S. government, Congress, think tanks and other critical stakeholders in the United States.




Domestic policy debates create uncertainty in foreign markets, and today’s global players must understand the intricacies of policymaking so that their business decisions take all stakeholders into account. We help our clients understand and address policies debated in the key Capitals that impact corporations and foreign governments worldwide.

Political Intelligence

We analyze complex policy and political issues, identify key areas of interest to our clients and then distill important information into an understandable and usable form with speed and precision at the state, national and international levels. Our team provides insights and forecasting as to how political developments move markets.

Legislative Monitoring

Knowing when and how movement occurs in the legislative process is instrumental to implementing a successful advocacy strategy. Through effective tracking of legislation in Congress, we provide timely information to our clients in a changing political or policy landscape.

Strategic Communications

Our team builds and protects corporate and brand reputation that includes corporate responsibility, issues management and crisis support. We have extensive experience at developing and deploying strategic positioning campaigns both internationally and via local, in-market execution.

Economic Development

Whether they are governments or companies, we assist our clients effectively to implement their trade development programs including, but not limited to, the following activities: providing promotional services to support trade development efforts, conveying economic and political background behind export and import policies, establishing professional trade representation for long-term business strategies and diffusing negative issues that affect trade expansion.

Public Relations

The purpose of public relations is to increase awareness, understanding, acceptance and trust within our clients. Global Nexus conveys appropriate messages to opinion leaders, government officials, the business community and the public. We help to define critical issues important to our clients and to represent their perspectives and points of view persuasively through various channels.


Client: A Political Party in Mexico

Challenge: Raise its presence in the United States.

What we did: Designed and developed a forward-looking outreach agenda across key capitals in the U.S.


  • Built alliances to champion the importance of Mexico with stakeholders in the private, public and NGO sectors.
  • Organized a conference with scholars, students and researchers from different academic backgrounds where representatives from the party explained their vision of the U.S.-Mexico relationship.
  • Strengthened the party’s relationship with Mexican immigrant organizations and communities abroad.


Client: U.S.-Mexico Business Coalition

Challenge: A coalition of U.S.-Mexico companies needed to strengthen their influence before the Executive and Legislative.

What we did: Global Nexus implemented a government and public affairs strategy identifying key stakeholders and building coalitions in order to strengthen cooperation with U.S.- Mexican authorities.


  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE) created the U.S.-Mexico CEO Dialogue, a bilateral private sector mechanism that seeks to engage on key policy issues that impact the bilateral relationship.
  • The Dialogue is in its 8th edition, and has gathered around 80 companies from both countries to discuss North American competitiveness, optimization of cross border trade, transformation and strategic trade initiatives.
  • Global Nexus has directly addressed specific issues regarding the operations of different US companies with the Mexican government.


Client: U.S. Logistics Company

Challenge: Deepen their understanding of Mexico’s government, policies and key players to facilitate decision making.

What we did: Global Nexus designed and executed a public affairs strategy to influence public policy that impact the supply chain, and in particular, the courier industry.


  • Unlocked operational challenges affecting the company by rapprochement with the Mexican government.
  • Raised the company’s profile and awareness in the Mexican public arena.
  • Reached agreements with high level government officials on critical issues for the company.


Client: Global Corporation Focused on Technology Solutions.

Challenge: Achieving a greater role in mobility projects at the local level across Mexico.

What we did: Identified key players at the local arena and developed a business-government affairs strategy to promote the company’s services among state governments.


  •  Enhanced the corporation’s knowledge on the politics of key local and state governments.
  • Increased the corporation’s participation in smart transport project bids at the local level.
  • Raised awareness on the benefits associated with technological solutions among local authorities in different states and cities.


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