We assist clients by providing government and public affairs services to and from Latin America and the Caribbean. Our network reaches the highest levels within senior government, business and nongovernment actors.

Inbound services include public and private sector clients seeking assistance with the U.S. government, Congress, the diplomatic core, think tanks and other critical stakeholders.

 Our outbound representation involves clients seeking opportunities in Latin America. We engage our firm’s experts as well as local firms’ expertise to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and coordinated representation possible. We have established ourselves as a premier firm for U.S.-Mexico transactions, particularly in the representation of U.S. companies.



U.S. domestic policy debates create uncertainty in foreign markets, and today’s global players must understand the intricacies of Washington policymaking so that their business decisions take all stakeholders into account. We help our clients understand and address policies debated in the United States that impact corporations and foreign governments worldwide.

Public Policy and Political Analysis

We analyze complex policy and political issues, identify key areas of interest to our clients and then distill important information into an understandable and usable form with speed and precision at the state, national and international levels. Our team provides insights and forecasting as to how political developments move markets.

Legislative Monitoring

Knowing when and how movement occurs in the legislative process is instrumental to implementing a successful advocacy strategy. Through effective tracking of legislation in Congress, we provide timely information to our clients in a changing political or policy landscape. 

Strategic Counsel and Communication

Experience working in the Executive, Legislative and business sector gives us the ability to offer superior strategic advice and planning. We anticipate problems and help our clients to assess options and to create solutions. We take the long-term view and identify messages and themes pinpoint target audiences, select proper techniques, implement plans in a timely manner and monitor and measure the results.

Economic Development

Whether they are governments or companies, we assist our clients effectively to implement their trade development programs including, but not limited to, the following activities: providing promotional services to support trade development efforts, conveying economic and political background behind export and import policies, establishing professional trade representation for long-term business strategies and diffusing negative issues that affect trade expansion.. 

Public Relations

The purpose of public relations is to increase awareness, understanding, acceptance and trust within our clients. Global Nexus conveys appropriate messages to opinion leaders, government officials, the business community and the public. We help to define critical issues important to our clients and to represent their perspectives and points of view persuasively through various channels.

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