El nuevo gobierno y la Agenda Bilateral con EUA

The government of President Lopez Obrador seems to have understood the sensitivity of the state of the relationship with the United States. Marcelo Ebrard, the new Foreign Secretary, who has not yet been ratified by the Senate, but will be officially in a couple of days, knows well the twists and turns of the capital of the United States and will know as did his predecessor, how to handle this relationship with kid gloves and above all, a lot of delicacy.

The work of Ebrard and his strategist and right hand  man Javier Lopez Casarin in matters with the United States, will begin to bear fruit.

The US delegation of the United States to López Obrador’s inauguration was the most robust and complete. It was led by Vice President Pence, the daughter of President Trump, Ivanka, who sat next to the wife of President Lopez Obrador, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Nielsen, three governors, including the California Governor-Elect, senators, representatives, academics and specialists in the bilateral relationship. This confirms that Ebrard seeks to relaunch a relationship that is passing through complex times. Inviting this range of people will help to build new bridges.

The second clear move by Marcelo Ebrard was the appointment of Jesus Seade as Assistant Secretary for North America. Seade is a personal friend of Ambassador Lighthizer, Trump’s commercial representative in the renegotiation of NAFTA 2.0. Seade was the representative of the new government during the discussions. Seade together with Martha Barcena, the future Ambassador in Washington, will be two fundamental arms to advance the agenda of the new government.

Finally, and just after the inauguration took place, the new Foreign Secretary made his first visit to Washington where he was received by his counterpart Secretary of State Pompeo and Secretary of Homeland Security Nielsen. There is also talk, derived from this meeting, of a first call among the presidents in the coming days.

The new government has begun well with the management of its first international priority.