Paola Berdeja


Paola is a highly motivated and accomplished individual with a passion for Global Affairs and Global Economy. She earned a major in Global Affairs with a minor in Global Economy from Universidad Anáhuac and gained valuable insight into Mexico and the world through a Summer Program at El Colegio de México, where she analyzed current issues and trends, with a focus on Mexico’s/US relation. Paola has a keen understanding of effective strategies based on brand values and a strong ability to investigate and predict future trends and situations. She has worked as a consultant for Cancer Warriors MX to provide effective solutions. She has completed several courses to further enhance her knowledge and expertise, including earning French B2 certification from École Polytechnique and completing Morality of Politics and Negotiations in the XXI Century courses by Yale. Paola has also gained valuable experience as a public speaker with important figures in Mexico and has been a valuable member of Rotary for almost a decade. Paola has proven academic excellence by participating in a Debate competition between Mexico’s top 5 universities and Anáhuac’s leadership program. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Hindi, making her highly adaptable and versatile. She has published several articles, including “2022: A Turning Point,” in El Sol de México.

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