Hugo Casillas

Senior Advisor

For 30 years Hugo Casillas has been involved in government and politics affairs. He has worked with Mexico’s intelligence services, such as the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN), and in law enforcement services, at the Attorney General’s office and at the Mexico City Attorney General’s office.

He has served in the Ministry of Social Development; in the Senate of the Republic, where he contributed to the legislative process through various commissions such as Social Development, Physical Culture and Sports, and Foreign Affairs for the Asia-Pacific region.

In the government of the state of Durango, he was responsible for the design and execution of strategies to ensure the compliance of public policies and for the leadership and organization of different areas of the state executive’s office, establishing a coordination and collaboration system between the various government agencies, following-up through periodic evaluations of the Governor’s instructions and agreements. He also participated in the international agenda for the economic promotion of the state.

As a diplomat he served at the ProMexico office in New York, promoting the country in the northeastern United States, managing export projects and attracting foreign direct investment.

He is currently Senior Director for Mexico, Central and South America at the New York-based, LC Apparel Inc., where he is in charge of expanding the company’s operations through commercial agreements with the most important retailers in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

In the film industry, he is Executive Producer at Golden Ceiba Productions, headquartered in New York City with branches in Colombia, Germany, Cuba, and Mexico.

He is the founder of Metas Concretas Consulting Firm, based in Mexico City. He has also been an independent consultant for states and municipalities in public policies, federal and state financing programs, trade, and investment.

Since 2000, Hugo has collaborated in high level political campaigns in Mexico, such as the Presidential campaign, as well as other federal, state and municipal campaigns.

He holds a Law Degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

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