Emmanuel Rossano


Emmanuel Rossano is a highly accomplished professional with solid academic background and extensive experience in political science, public administration, and public affairs. He holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Emmanuel has comprehensive knowledge of the current national political landscape and is well-versed in matters related to the federal congress and parliamentary technique. He has showcased his expertise as an adviser in the Senate of the Republic, specifically within the public security and social security committees. Additionally, Emmanuel has made significant contributions in the fields of energy, mining, finance, labor, health, and innovation through his work in consulting and political lobbying at renowned law firms across the country.

Passionate about nearshoring, political developments, and infrastructure plans, Emmanuel is particularly interested in how they will contribute to social development and enhance national security. He believes in fostering effective communication and collaboration between the public sector, private organizations, and civil society to promote the progress and development of Mexico.

Emmanuel Rossano’s expertise, coupled with his dedication to the advancement of the country, make him a valuable asset in navigating the intricate dynamics of Mexico’s political landscape and driving positive change.

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